Astaire was a street cat that was known in the neighborhood. He was healthy and darting around the cars and sidewalks for a while. All of a sudden he was spotted as looking sickly and taken to the humane society. Astaire was chipped to us so they called us and we picked him up immediately. He was so sick they were having to put him down. We took him to the vet asap and hospitalized him and tried to get him on track. It took us many months to find out what was wrong and how to make him better. We put him on hospice 3 times, each time saying, ok, let’s try this last thing. Then, we decided, let’s put him on FIP meds. He finally started responding and gaining weight and getting better little by little every day. Astaire has finished his 84 days of FIP injections and he is doing amazing. We are over the moon with excitement for him. He will need extra love and care to make sure he doesn’t relapse and we expect him to find a home that deserves his special love. Go to

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