We’re thrilled to tell you about Cookie – an adorable tuxedo kitten who is just 10 weeks old and overflowing with personality! Cookie is a super playful kitten who loves nothing more than chasing after an elastic string with a puff ball on the end. He’s also an excellent climber and enjoys scaling cat trees.

One of Cookie’s sweetest traits is that he loves to check in with his humans and give a nose bump before heading back for more playtime. His affectionate nature is sure to melt your heart and bring a smile to your face.

Cookie is also a social kitten who would do well in a home with other cats his age. He has three siblings who are equally playful and rambunctious, so you might want to consider adopting two sweet and loving kitties to keep each other company.

It’s worth mentioning that Cookie’s mom, Praline, is also available for adoption. Praline is a wonderful cat who’s just as playful and affectionate as her kittens. She’s also a great mom and has done an excellent job raising her litter.

Overall, Cookie is a delightful kitten who would make an excellent addition to any loving home. If you’re interested in adopting Cookie, his siblings, or Praline, please contact us at Lucky Paws Animal Foundation. We would be thrilled to help you find your new furry family member!

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