🐾 Your Forever Wobble Companion 🐱

Introducing Fidget – a one-of-a-kind dilute calico kitty with a heart full of love, who needs a forever home where she can flourish despite her unique challenges.

Fidget’s journey began in the courtyard of a Chinatown condo, where she and her brother Pelé were born. They were born into a world where many people in the building cared for them, but sadly, the Board of the association made the unfortunate decision to remove and exterminate the kittens that lived there.

Luckily, fate had a different plan for Fidget and her brother Pelé. Instead of being trapped, dumped, or worse, euthanized, Lucky Paws stepped in to offer them safety and a second chance at a wonderful life. Thanks to this amazing rescue, Fidget now has the opportunity to find a loving forever home where she can thrive.

Fidget is no ordinary kitty. She has a condition known as Cerebral Hypoplasia (CH), which causes slow development of the brainstem. This unique condition gives her a distinctive wobble when she walks, which is where she gets her endearing name, Fidget. But here’s the remarkable thing about Fidget – she doesn’t see herself as different. All she knows is that she’s a kitty who wants to be loved, cared for, and cherished just like any other.

This loving little wobbler may have a distinctive gait, but there’s no pain associated with her condition, and while it’s incurable, it doesn’t stop her from being a joyful and affectionate companion. Fidget’s wobble into your heart will be a lasting one, and you’ll soon discover that her unique charm is impossible to resist.

If you’re looking for a special feline friend who will bring endless love, joy, and a touch of whimsy into your life, consider welcoming Fidget into your home. Despite her unique challenges, she’s a testament to resilience and the power of love, and she’s ready to show you just how amazing life can be with a wobbly, wonderful kitty by your side.

Come meet Fidget and give her the forever home she deserves. With her, you’ll discover that love knows no boundaries, and together, you can embark on a heartwarming journey filled with laughter, cuddles, and endless wobbly adventures.

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