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Please note: Due to high demand, there will be a 10% increase on all accommodations from November 20th – January 2.


We love cats at Lucky Paws, and cats love our overnight accommodations and care. Each cat enjoys quiet, private lodging in it’s own kitty condo, complete with the comforts of home. Our facility is climate controlled and our suites are each individually ventilated. Our accommodations are spacious and clean with soft bedding and fun toys for enrichment. Multiple air purifiers ensure clean, fresh air. We only use purified water for drinking. Litter is scooped a minimum of twice daily. We provide a relaxing atmosphere with calming music.




Lucky Paws – Front Entrance

2875 S King Street #102

Honolulu, HI 96826


SMALL – $45/night all inclusive

(each additional cat $20/night)

Our small suites are purrrfect for one or two furry friends. It has a separate area for litter, food, sleeping and play! Customized LEDs provide for natural lighting color that has natural dawn/dusk pattern to simulate the sunrise/sunset.

MEDIUM – $90/night All Inclusive

(each additional cat $20/night)

     The Medium Suite is twice as much space!  With six separate spaces, your pets can spread out and get comfy! Separated spaces for litter, food, sleeping and play with TWO cameras integrated into the space so you can view and interact with your animal. They can perch up high or snuggle down low! Up to 5 cats.



LARGE – $120/night All Inclusive

(each additional cat $20/night)

Our Large suite is 4 ft x 3.5 ft is luxurious! 8 feet tall with shelves at 3′ and 5′ heights. Each has an outdoor viewing picture window to keep an eye on the birds. They also have their own 11″ screen TV to watch birds/squirrels/fish, and cozy sleeping cubes. Plush beds, ample space to play, and plenty of enriching toys. Up to 6 cats.